Midnight Mystic✨

Where thoughts unveil✨


She was no longer scared of the night.Like a thunderstorm raging, thoughts stretched in the abyss of her mind, scintillating;Lighting up the void.
While her brain pondered over what laid ahead, her heart still clung to the past; sinking with the weight of now “the Unknown”.
Back to the days when  everything was beautiful and it all seemed eternal; little did she know that it was feigned,to look like paradise,which, in her memory had now ceased to exist.
Lying now on the sand, alone
With only the music of the waves reverberating in her ears; when all her hope had perished,something glowed in the darkness; effulgent, like magic: “Destiny”
– V.S




At times it’s just better to be alone, stare blankly at the wall
and ,let your mind play with your thoughts, paint it with a plethora of colors, and discover how beautifully it turns itself  into a  canvas of eternal memories, adorned with overwhelming emotions❤



And here  I am in the midst,
With everything behind,
And all that is left is the road ahead
Wrecked bridges, oceans deep,
Mysteries so obscured
Reluctant to be unveiled
Infinite stars left to count
Sandcastles to build and embellish
With invincible memories
Dreams so vivid, beyond the skies
Searching, and searching
For nothing, but a stairway to heaven.
Life is no sea shell of pearls
With Satan on its feet
Disguised as Virgil, chasing
Fast and furious, utterly restrained.
Following you to the grave,
“Seek and you shall find” is all that echoes
Deep down and buried are the hearts unspoken,unrevealed
Like the moon awaiting,
The clouds to part, and scatter
Like thoughts that cannot be fathomed into constellations✨


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